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BLAKE CASHMAN -- NFL Linebacker: Minnesota Vikings, Houston Texans, New York Jets | Former UMN Golden Gopher

"I started going to Mike at Catalyst Bodywork in 2018. I have worked with many different people in the industry, and I can truly say I haven't worked with better. Mike and Catalyst Bodywork always go the extra mile by doing things such as putting in overtime to make sure you are satisfied with the work, introducing new techniques to service your health and body, or simply being as flexible as possible with scheduling. I train hard year round, constantly beating up my body. Catalyst Bodywork has always played an essential part in my recovery process. I’m able to train harder and more often because I go to Catalyst Bodywork. I've always appreciated the service and range of therapy Mike has provided. I’m a firm believer that you have to invest in taking care of your body if you want to push your potential, and Catalyst Bodywork helps me do that!"

JAKE WIENEKE -- CFL Wide Receiver: Saskatchewan Roughriders, Montreal Alouettes

“I love working with Mike because I know that he is going to work as hard as he can to find every way possible to make sure I am at my best. Mike has allowed me to stay healthy and helped me pinpoint and work on areas that I am deficient and/or weak in. Mike is different than a lot of people because of how much he cares! He makes a list of everything that I do and all my previous injuries and things that are bothering me, and he will send videos and give exercises and stretches that will help me continue to improve and get better. I haven’t found many people like Mike who care so much and truly believe in me and want me to be the best I can be. He is always following me during the season and checking-in to see how I’m doing and it means so much because I know that he truly cares about me.”

TAMMY MOORE-ZARUBA -- Endurance Runner, completed a half marathon in each of the 50 States

“A few years into my running career, I set a goal to run a half marathon in each of the 50 states within eight years.  To achieve this goal, staying healthy was key, so I decided to utilize Mike’s semi-monthly massage program.  Mike recommended adding weight training with a personal trainer to my running regimen.  After massage sessions, Mike would send a report to my trainer, who would tweak my training session to address any issues Mike would find.  This wholistic approach kept me on target to reach my goal. My running career now history, my workouts have changed, but I continue to utilize Mike on a monthly basis.  Whatever your activity is, adding massage to your routine will help you manage your range of motion & flexibility.”

TYLER YEARBY M.Ed CSCS PES CES -- Co-Founder & Co-Director of Education for Emergence

“Mike and I started our partnership several years ago. It has been tremendously beneficial for me to have a place where I can send my athletes, knowing they will receive outstanding bodywork. His incredible attention to detail and his understanding of human anatomy are the two main reasons why I'll always send my athletes to him. I've also seen him myself weekly over the past several years, and it allows me to perform at my peak. If you're considering soft tissue work, then do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Mike!”

PETE OHNSORG -- Pitcher for the Chaska Cubs

“I have been to many massage therapists, chiropractors, and quirky 'therapists'. None compare to Mike. Having been a client for over ten years, I truly believe I would not have been able to continue playing baseball into my late 30s if not for having received therapy from Mike. Maintaining the body during the off-season and throughout year-round office work has been crucial. I highly recommend Catalyst Bodywork to any of my friends & family in need! Mike has a vast knowledge of human anatomy and is always improving himself & his craft through continuing education.”

MICHELLE STORK -- USTA Tennis player

“Initially I went to see Mike hoping massage would help alleviate chronic monthly migraines. That was over a DECADE ago!  I have had a monthly massage ever since. My migraines went from one or two per month to less than five in a year. Now I continue the monthly routine to ensure overall wellness. My migraines are a thing of the past. 


Mike does a great job understanding his client’s lifestyle. He does well individualizing each session to accommodate the client’s ever-changing needs. His style definitely helps me continue to stay active, enabling me to do two workouts with a personal trainer plus three tennis sessions every week. I leave each appointment feeling relief from tension & stress.


Mike stays current on best therapy practices by seeking out and attending continuing education courses based on what challenges his clients are facing.  Mike helps his clients explore strategies they can use to maintain mobility and wellness between appointments — no matter if that client is a professional athlete or a stay-at-home mom. He is a great listener, problem solver, and definitely puts his clients first.”


“The nature of my job requires me to be very active. I understand the importance of self-care and knew I needed to make it a priority if I wanted to reap the full benefits. I have battled back spasms and residual effects from injuries suffered while playing college sports. Since I have been consistently seeing Mike, not only have I not experienced any spasms, I have seen relief with soft tissue pain that I have had for almost a decade. The benefit of massage can be tremendous if you make it a consistent priority. Investing in it 'once in a while', will not elicit much change. You have to stick with it long enough to give it a chance to work. Mike is personable and provides a client-centered atmosphere with very thorough follow up emails detailing each session. I've never had that done anywhere else, and it's tremendously helpful in understanding what was accomplished and what needs additional work. Mike is well-versed in various techniques and isn't stuck in one specialty. His versatility makes him very unique. Young/old, active/inactive, athlete/non-athlete, Mike has the ability to treat people in various walks of life.”

S.Z. -- Highland Games masters world athlete, Women's Physique competitor

"I have been seeing Mike Anderson regularly for over ten years. During that time, I have consecutively competed in two very different and challenging sports. Each has put significant stress on my body, both training and competing. Bodywork by Mike has consistently enabled me to maintain flexibility and balance and to avoid injury. With the depth and breadth of his expertise and his pursuit of continuous education, Mike brings a wide variety of techniques and considerable skill to therapeutic massage that enables clients to train hard, compete successfully, and recover well. As a lifter, Mike also brings personal experience to his understanding of the impact of hard training and recovery. In addition to the service he provides, Mike takes the time to explain his assessment of issues he finds and provide suggestions for changes and enhancements to training that will help correct them."

JOHN GEISLER FAMILY -- Cyclists, skiers, world travelers within an avid Viking-Packer rivalry

“My wife and I and our daughters are clients of Mike. It all started with my wife and I nearly ten years ago when we were referred by our trainer. Our family is active both indoors and outdoors with a long list of sports and hobbies and, of course, train regularly. … Occasionally we overdo it and need some special attention! We find Mike to be exceptional!  Mike’s approach is to understand our bodies and ask us to keep him posted on how we are feeling and what we have been doing physically.  He then customizes his therapy to help us recover quickly and shares his observations with our trainer.  Over the years, we have brought most of our extended family to Mike, and EVERYONE has had the same experience. Mike’s therapy is an essential part of our physical well being and keeping our bodies in great shape. Any and all of us would highly recommend Mike to anyone wanting to keep fit and healthy!”

ZACH LINE -- NFL Fullback: New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings | Co-Owner ETS Sports Performance Gyms

"During my 7-year tenure in the NFL, I understood that availability/health was one of the most important aspects of the business. If I wanted to live out my dream, I had to stay healthy -- both mind and body. Working with Mike allowed me to escape for 90 minutes at a time from the stresses of life, etc. The environment Mike creates is individualized to each and every client. The attention to detail is above and beyond anywhere I have been during my years as an athlete. My four years with the Vikings were a blessing, and I am fortunate I had a great support system to keep me healthy, Mike being one of them!”

KURT HARTMANN RKC-II NSCA-CPT Pn1 -- Owner/Personal Trainer at Pro Fitness Training 

“Mike is very professional & knowledgeable. It was refreshing to get worked on by someone who is clearly dedicated to his craft. Glad I was referred in & will be referring my gym members in as well. Looking forward to my next session.”

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